7 Things Your Cat Knows She Can Get Away With

7 Things Your Cat Knows She Can Get Away With

If there is one thing we know for sure about cats, it’s that they are very, very good at being cute. They’re also pretty good at looking innocent… even—and perhaps especially—when they’re being naughty. Here, a Clio, MI vet lists some things our feline overlords know they can get away with.

Waking Us Up

Every morning, thousands—if not millions—of hangry cats wake their humans up, demanding breakfast right meow. Fluffy has no qualms about ruining your plans to sleep in, or waking you up by ‘slapping’ you in the face with her paw.

Talking Back

Does your furball meow back at you when you talk to her? Some kitties are furry little chatterboxes. In fact, some of our feline pals even like to argue with their humans!

Stealing Chairs

Have you ever stood up for a minute, only to return to find your cat in your seat, perhaps wearing that smug look kitties do so well? Even if you move Fluffy to reclaim your spot, there’s a good chance that she will score some cuddles or a place on your lap.


Cats are notorious for not being able to make up their minds. Have you ever opened a door for your furry buddy, only to have her either take her time walking through or change her mind entirely and walk away? Case in point.

Rough Play

Fluffy sometimes gets a bit overzealous about playtime. Your playful pet may pounce on your toes or attack your hand. If you know your feline friend is just being playful, you may let her slide. (Tip: to nip this bad habit in the bud, blow in your pet’s face the next time she uses you as a cat toy. Then, walk away and ignore her for a while.)

Sleeping On Laundry

Have you ever taken a fresh load of laundry out of the dryer and left the room, only to find your furball sleeping in it when you returned? Cats just can’t resist warm, comfy napping spots!

Being Nosy

Kitties certainly are curious … perhaps a bit too curious. Fluffy will immediately explore any boxes or bags you bring home, and may even follow you into the bathroom!

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