6 Simple Ways to Beat Doggy Boredom

6 Simple Ways to Beat Doggy Boredom

Did you know that providing your pet with mental stimulation is very important? Fido can get bored and unhappy without suitable entertainment! Boredom in dogs often leads to bad behaviors, such as inappropriate digging or chewing. You definitely don’t want that! Here, a Clio, MI vet offers some ways to keep Fido amused.


Just like people, dogs need regular activity to stay healthy. Playing is a great way to get your pup his workout, spend time with him, and get that cute tail going. Take time to play with Fido every day.


Walks are of course necessary for sanitary reasons, but did you know they also offer dogs valuable mental stimulation? Even if you have a yard, walks give your canine buddy both exercise and valuable mental stimulation. Fido can learn all sorts of things about neighborhood ‘news’ by sniffing grass. This is kind of like the doggy version of reading a newspaper!


Fido certainly loves his doggy toys! Offer your pooch a variety of fun playthings. Changing your furry pal’s toys out regularly will help keep things fun and fresh for him. Just be sure to only offer safe, suitable toys. Ask your vet for more information.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys, such as Kong toys, can keep our canine friends amused for hours! Stuff some peanut butter or kibbles in a treat toy, and let Fido have at it! Another option is to put a muffin tin upside down on the floor, then drop a few pieces of kibble into it. You’ll find more great DIY dog toy options online.


Did you know that many dogs actually enjoy learning new things? Start with basic doggy obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Once Fido has those mastered, move on to advanced training, or show him some cute tricks!


Do you leave your canine companion home alone while you go to work to earn money for doggy treats and pet toys? Leave a TV or radio on for your furry buddy. This will help keep him from feeling lonely. A good window view is also beneficial. Fido can not only watch birds and squirrels, he can also make nose art on the glass!

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