Separation Anxiety in Cats

Separation Anxiety in Cats

Does your feline friend run to greet you when you get home? This adorable habit is often associated with dogs, but a lot of cats do it, too. Actually, some kitties get extremely anxious when their people are away. This is known as separation anxiety. If your furball doesn’t want to let you out of her sight, she may have separation anxiety. A local Clio, MI vet discusses feline separation anxiety in this article.


The signs of separation anxiety can vary widely from cat to cat. Fluffy may cry when she is by herself. She may also over-groom herself, or stop using the litterbox. Anxiety can also have an effect on your kitty’s eating habits: Fluffy may eat too quickly, or eat out of boredom when left alone. Of course, medical problems can also cause these issues, so have your pet examined if she shows any of these symptoms.


Cats that were weaned too early or orphaned as kittens may be more prone to developing separation anxiety than other kitties. Boredom can also be a factor: if Fluffy’s main source of entertainment is you, she may soon begin to hate being left alone! Cats whose owners frequently go on long trips also sometimes get extremely stressed out when their humans leave. Ask your vet for more information.

Helping Kitty Cope

There are some ways to make Fluffy’s alone time easier for her. First, make sure she has plenty of toys to play with. Your feline pal will also appreciate having kitty furniture, such as a cat tower, that gives her spots to climb and explore. Leaving a radio or TV on while you’re out may help, as the sound of music and voices can soothe nervous furballs, and keep them from feeling as lonely. A good window seat is also beneficial. If your pet is still young, she may enjoy a playmate. However, adopting a cat is a big decision, so think carefully before deciding to go that route. You’ll need to consider the ages and purrsonalities of both cats, as well as your household expenses and living situation. Ask your vet for more information on helping your feline buddy deal with her anxiety.

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