Cold Weather Care for Dogs

Cold Weather Care for Dogs

Winter is just around the corner! Fido may be wearing a fur coat, but that doesn’t mean he’s impervious to weather. As it gets colder, you may need to make some changes to your pet’s care routine. Read on as a Flushing, MI vet discusses winter care for dogs.

Paw Care

Doggy paw pads are very sensitive, just like human feet. Your four-legged friend could get painful cuts and abrasions by running around on salt, snow, sand, and chemical de-icing products. De-icing agents are particularly problematic, because many of them are toxic if ingested. Fido could get sick just by licking his paws after going outside! Choose pet-safe deicing products, and wipe your dog’s furry feet down before you bring him in. You can also put booties on your canine buddy. If your pooch isn’t having it, use paw balm to protect his feet.


Some dogs need to eat a bit more in winter. If you have a working dog, senior pooch, nursing mama, or puppy, your furry buddy may need bigger portion sizes. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors will also need a little extra food at this time of year. Ask your vet for recommendations.


A warm, comfy bed is definitely one of the best things ever, as far as Fido is concerned. If your pooch is a senior, or has thin fur, consider getting a heated bed. An orthopedic bed is a good option for senior dogs or large breeds.


Some pets need a bit of extra protection against the cold. Fido may be more comfortable with a doggy sweater on frigid days, especially if he has thin fur. Just be sure that your canine friend’s clothes fit well, and are not tight, itchy, or constricting. You’ll also want to avoid anything with zippers and/or small parts, like buttons, that your pup may try to eat.


We know, it isn’t much fun going for a walk in frigid weather. Fido may spend a lot more time inside over the course of winter, and won’t be getting as much exercise as usual. Don’t let your pup become a couch potato! Keep your canine pal moving indoors by playing with him regularly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your local Flushing, MI pet hospital, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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