5 Things Cats Are Experts At

5 Things Cats Are Experts At

Kitties are very fun and cute pets. Fluffy’s adorable face, charismatic meows, and hilarious quirks have all helped her earn her rightful place in our homes and on our laps. However, our feline friends have some surprising talents that you may not know about. Read on as a Flint, MI vet lists 5 things kitties are experts at.


If there’s one thing Fluffy excels at, it’s napping. Most cats sleep about 14-16 hours a day, on average, but our feline pals can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. That’s more than almost any other animal on the planet! While we’re not entirely convinced that kitties actually need that much rest, we do know that sleeping cats are absolutely adorable. Make sure your pet has lots of soft beds to choose from.

Entertaining Us

While Fido can certainly put smiles on our faces, Fluffy has truly mastered the art of making us laugh. Kitties’’ cute quirks, silly antics, and lovable vocalizations just have a special way of amusing us and brightening up our days. You can’t help but laugh while watching a frisky feline attack a catnip mouse or chase after a moth!


Cats may very well have their own set of rules when it comes to gravity and physics. Kitties are very flexible, and can twist themselves into some very curious positions. In fact, Fluffy sometimes naps in configurations often associated with pretzels! These furry little athletes can also jump, leap, and climb with amazing grace and agility.

Manipulating Us

Have you ever moved over so your cat could have more room in bed? When your furry pal naps on your lap, do you sometimes delay getting up so as not to disturb her? Is your home filled with pet furniture and kitty toys? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Fluffy may very well have you wrapped around her paws!

Getting Attention

The fact that Fluffy purrs when she is content is one of her most adorable characteristics. Our feline buddies are definitely very good at getting us to pet them, hold them, and snuggle with them! Some kitties demand attention vocally, while others request cuddles by rubbing against our legs or hopping into our laps.

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