9 Super Cute Ways Cats Show Affection

9 Super Cute Ways Cats Show Affection

Do you have a cuddly cat? Our feline friends have a reputation for being aloof, but this isn’t quite fair: many kitties are quite the little snuggle bugs. That said, while cuddles and kitty kisses are obvious signs of feline affection, not all of Fluffy’s signs of adoration are so clear. In this article, a Flint, MI vet discusses some super cute ways cats show affection.

Tummy Rub

Fluffy’s belly is her most vulnerable area, so if she flips over onto her back for a belly rub, it means she completely trusts you. (Of course, if your cat won’t let you touch her tummy, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t trust you, just that she doesn’t like belly rubs.)


Fluffy’s soothing purrs are one of her most lovable attributes. Your furball may actually rumble with happiness when you pet her or pick her up!


If your cat tends to knead you when she is on your lap, it means that she thinks of you as her parent. Sort of. Kittens knead while they are nursing, as it stimulates milk flow. (Tip: if your furball gets a bit too enthusiastic about this, put a towel or blanket on your lap.)

Slow Blink

If your cat ever looks at you and blinks slowly, she’s showing her love. Try blinking back!


A light love bite is often a sign of playfulness or affection in cats. Of course, if your kitty bites hard, it’s a different story. If Fluffy is attacking you, ask your vet or a professional behaviorist for advice.


Cats like to supervise their human buddies very closely. Your kitty may follow you from room to room, like a furry little shadow. Fluffy has even been known to follow her people into the bathroom.

Head Bonk

Does your kitty sometimes butt you with her head? With many other animals, this is a sign of aggression, but for Fluffy, it signifies affection.


Does your cat talk back when you answer? Fluffy may very well be professing her love!


Another cute way cats show affection is by rubbing against their humans’ legs. (Fluffy also does this to beg and mark her territory, but that’s another topic.)

Please reach out to us, your Flint, MI animal hospital, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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