Doghouse Repair Tips

Doghouse Repair Tips

Does your canine friend have a doghouse? If so, that’s great! Although we recommend that dogs live indoors, Fido will certainly enjoy a spot of his own in the yard. Since July is Doghouse Repair Month, this is a great time to talk about choosing—and maintaining—doghouses. In this article, a Flushing, MI vet discusses Fido’s doghouse.


The old real estate adage about ‘location location location’ also applies to doghouses. Choosing the right spot for your pet’s doghouse is very important! This is one reason portable doghouses are great. You may want to put Fido’s doghouse in a shady spot for summer, and move it to a warmer area in winter. In winter, the door should face away from prevailing winds. (This isn’t as important in summer: your furry companion may enjoy a little breeze when it’s hot.)


This is a good time to give your furry pal’s doghouse a good scrubbing. Be sure to use a nontoxic soap! Remove any dead leaves or branches from the area as well: these things can attract fleas and ticks.


You may think that adding bedding will make Fido’s doghouse nice and comfortable, but unfortunately, this can attract rodents and insects. We recommend using mats instead. Give them a thorough cleaning, and make sure your furry buddy isn’t chewing them.


Doghouses can be a welcoming habitat for fleas, ticks, and other pests. If you need to treat the area, be sure to use nontoxic pest control.


Give Fido’s doghouse a good inspection. Watch for any screws, nails, or splinters that are sticking out, as these can be dangerous.


We recommend raising the doghouse off the ground a bit, so water can flow beneath it. Make sure your canine pal’s house is level, so it isn’t tilting to one side.


This is a great time to give your canine buddy’s doghouse a ‘pupgrade.’ Make a little deck for Fido to lounge around on, or add a sandbox to his yard for him to bury toys in. Putting your pet’s water bowl in a decorative urn is another way to make Fido’s doghouse look nice. You can also make your pup a little sign, or add some cute pawprints to his house.

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