Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Does your kitty live indoors? If so, that’s wonderful! Cats are both safer and healthier staying inside. Although Fluffy may enjoy rolling around in the dirt, chasing butterflies, leaving paw prints on your car, and bringing you ‘gifts,’ she is much better off staying inside. However, your furball may not see it that way, especially if she has had freedom to roam in the past. Below, a local Flint, MI vet discusses keeping your cat indoors.

The Hazards of The Great Outdoors

Your feline friend may see herself as a ferocious lion, tiger, or panther, but at the end of the day, Fluffy is actually quite small and fragile. As soon as your furball sets her cute little paws outside, she is vulnerable to many serious hazards, such as cars, predators, weather, and even other kitties. Cats that roam freely are also at much greater risk of getting lost, hurt, or even killed.

Convincing Your Kitty To Stay Indoors

We’re not sure how much human language cats actually understand. However, it’s probably safe to say that even if you explained to Fluffy how dangerous the outdoors can be, and she understood every word, she would probably still just blink and immediately meow to be let out. You may have to basically bribe your kitty into staying inside. Luckily, bribing cats is pretty easy. Just offer your furball plenty of comfy beds, some cat furniture, a good window view, and plenty of fun toys. Setting out some pet-safe plants for your feline buddy to hide behind and nibble on will give her a taste of nature. We also recommend playing with your cat daily to burn off her excess energy. In time, even former strays can become so comfortable living inside that they lose all desire to go out.

Stopping Breakout Attempts

If your kitty has previously been allowed to roam freely, convincing her to stay indoors could be tricky. As mentioned above, bribery is very effective. You may also want to make Fluffy a bit wary of the door. When you catch your furball sniffing around the exit, squirt her with water, or make a loud noise. Your feline pal may be annoyed enough to reconsider the benefits of going near the door.

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