Microchipping Your Pet

Microchipping Your Pet

Has your pet been microchipped yet? If not, we strongly urge you to see to this as soon as possible. Microchipping is a very simple and quick procedure, but it’s one of the most important things you can do to keep your beloved pet safe. That tiny chip could one day save your beloved pet’s life! In this article, a local Flushing, MI vet discusses this important precaution.

Microchip Statistics

The data on microchips is very compelling. According to one study, kitties with chips were 20 times more likely to be returned to their owners than those without chips. Microchipped dogs were nearly three times more likely to be returned home than pups without chips.

How Microchips Work

Microchips don’t actively transmit data. Instead, each chip contains only a unique ID number, which can be read with a special scanner used by veterinarians and animal shelters. That ID number corresponds to your records in the microchip manufacturer’s database. This is how lost pets can be matched up with their owners.

The Procedure

To your pet, getting a microchip implanted is very much like getting a shot. A hypodermic needle is used to place the microchip beneath your pet’s skin. This simple procedure only takes a few moments, and can easily be worked into a regular veterinary care appointment.


Getting your pet microchipped is only the first part of the process. You’ll also need to fill out the paperwork so that your furbaby’s records are correct online. Whenever you move or change contact information, you’ll need to update these records. We also recommend having your vet check your furry pal’s chip at least once a year, just to make sure it’s still functioning and hasn’t moved.


Many microchip manufacturers offer helpful extras, such as 24/7 hotlines and local lost pet alert networks. While this isn’t a universal practice, some microchip companies will also allow you to attach your pet’s medical records to your online file.

Do you need to make an appointment for your pet to be microchipped? We are here to help! Please contact us, your local Flushing, MI vet clinic, for all of your furry pal’s veterinary care needs.

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