Getting Ready for a New Kitten

Getting Ready for a New Kitten

Have you recently decided to adopt a kitten? Congratulations! Your tiny furball is bound to keep you chuckling with her adorable antics and cute mannerisms. It probably won’t take little Fluffy long to have you firmly wrapped around those adorable paws! Make sure you have everything ready in advance for your furry new arrival! Below, a local Flint, MI veterinarian offers tips on preparing to bring home a new kitten.


Kittens are basically adorable little bundles of mischief. Little Fluffy will want to investigate every inch of her domain, and everything in it. This can lead your cute little furball right into danger! Be sure to remove or secure anything that could pose a hazard to your feline friend. This includes toxic plants; household chemicals and cleaning agents; automotive products; tools; small items, such as safety pins, which could prove choking hazards; plastic bags; wires and cords; and medications. Also, keep household appliances, such as washers and toilets, shut when not in use.


Before you bring your tiny furball home, you’ll need to do some shopping to pick up the requisite supplies. Your shopping list should include kitten formula pet food; toys; dishes; and a carrier. You’ll also need a litterbox and litter. You can start little Fluffy out with a kitten-sized litterbox. As far as litter, be sure to avoid clay or clumping litters, at least until your feline buddy gets older, as they can be very dangerous to baby cats. We also recommend getting your kitten a cozy bed and a good scratching post or kitty tower.

Veterinary Care

Little Fluffy will need several veterinary appointments during her first year. In addition to her initial vaccinations and examination, your kitten will need microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, and parasite control. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

Setting Up

Try to arrange things so that you can stay home with little Fluffy for a few days. Set your furbaby’s things up in a quiet room, so she has a safe place to adjust to her new surroundings. If you have other pets, prepare to make introductions slowly, over the course of several days.

Please contact us, your local Flint, MI animal clinic, for all of your kitten’s veterinary care needs. We look forward to watching your kitten grow from a little, frisky bundle of fur to a happy, healthy, adult cat!

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