How to Bunnyproof Your Home

How to Bunnyproof Your Home

Have you recently decided to get a pet bunny? Congratulations! You’ve chosen a super cute pet! Bunnies are not difficult to care for, but they are quite different from dogs and cats. Just like any other animal, rabbits need a comfy habitat, a good diet, and regular veterinary care to stay happy and healthy. You’ll also need to provide your pet with entertainment and stimulation by giving her plenty of toys and allowing her time outside of her cage each day. Before you can let your bunny out for playtime, however, you’ll need to do some bunnyproofing. A Flushing, MI vet discusses bunnyproofing in this article.


Be sure to secure wires and cords, including drape cords. Floppy could get seriously hurt by chewing a live wire, and could even start a fire!


Many plants are dangerous for bunnies. Remove any unsafe plants from the rooms your pet will have access to. Ask your vet for recommendations on safe plants.


Household cleaners; automotive products; medications; pesticides; and other chemicals are very dangerous for bunnies! Keep these secured in cabinets Floppy can’t get into.

Open Spaces

Bunnies often rip at the upholstery on the bottom of sofas and beds. Seal off any open spaces behind and beneath furniture and cabinets.

Furniture Legs

The legs of tables, chairs, and other furnishings are a prime target for your adorable pet. Use protective coverings to keep these things from getting damaged.


Carpet fibers can be quite tempting to your little buddy. Put a mat down over the carpet in Floppy’s play zone, so she can’t chew it.


Baseboards are a frequent target of bunnies looking for something to chew on. Be sure to cover any baseboards. You can find baseboard protectors online or in stores.

Small Objects

Buttons, beads, hair accessories, pens and pen caps, and jewelry are all serious choking hazards to your cute little pal. Keep these items securely out of Floppy’s reach.

Personal Items

Shoes, books, purses, cell phones, and other small items are all fair game to your fuzzy friend. Keep these items well out of Floppy’s reach. It’s also worth noting that bunnies often love getting into closets, so be sure to keep yours shut at all times.

Do you have any questions about your bunny’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your Flushing, MI animal hospital, anytime.

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